Take few opinions, but do take the right few.


Executive Coach

One hour with me could transform the trajectory of your organization forever.

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Keynote Speaker

If you want lasting change, you want Isaac. He speaks on culture, innovation, and motivation with post-speech mobile delivered reinforcement challenges.


Resolute Man

Influencing the Resolute Man movement inspiring others to reject passivity & lead, married to Angie of CourageousMom.com, & Co-founder at ConveYour.com,

“You can’t speak from the heart if there’s no heart in your mission” -Isaac Tolpin


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We live in a world where employees have a free agent mentality with changing motivations. The right culture is the deeper retention solution that lasts.

I have a unique understanding of how to craft and drive forward the right organizational culture that engages, retains, and boosts employee performance.

There are three levers to influencing the right culture and I’ve broken down the practical steps executives can take to influence them long-term.

It's no longer personality driven or an idea that's hard to grasp. I've created a proven "High-Performance Culture System" every leader can implement that drives all the right behaviors.

I selectively give keynote messages in areas of organizational culture, Innovation, and motivation.

I’m Co-founder of the tech company, Throwing Boulders, that built the leading microlearning training platform for companies called ConveYour.com.

I bring a visionary mindset to my family by creating a legacy raising and educating our children with my wife Angie Tolpin of Courageousmom.com.

I refuse to waste my life achieving the world’s definition of success that leaves so many feeling empty, but instead deeply care about making a difference in the world through the projects I’m involved with, those I serve, and the family I lead.